Change is Inevitable

img_2701As much as I resisted, I could no longer deny the change I was encouraged to make.  For a very long time, many friends and clients told me that I should be charging for my readings.  I did not feel right asking for money in exchange for sharing something that I felt was given to me to help others.  I believed that my desire to take classes, read books and practice my ability to connect with Spirit, was just for me.  I loved how many people I was able to reach and help with something that came so naturally to me.  However, during my readings Spirit began to send me messages that lead me to look more closely at what starting a spiritual business would mean.  I also began to recognize how me doing readings was negatively affecting my personal life.  With that realization came the reminder of what my grandmother and many others have told me, “There needs to be an even exchange of energy, to keep balance.”  I had noticed after years of giving free readings, I was feeling depleted and uncertain if this is what I was supposed to be doing.  Then I had many people I did readings for tell me that they didn’t feel right NOT paying me.  I also had many others tell me that they knew people who could use my help but that they wouldn’t send them my way until I began charging.  My hope of helping others was dying because of my personal choice.  Then I had several readings in a row with people who were looking into starting their own spiritual businesses, who had created their own small businesses, and who had experience in building up their own business.  I learned a lot about business through these readings AND the people I read were kind enough to encourage and even offer to help me start a business of my own.  Yeah, I was that person who prayed to God saying “Lord, please give me a sign”, and I could no longer ignore the signs that were smacking me upside the head.  I knew it was time for change and I decided to use it as an opportunity for growth.  So, now I have my new business, Nicole Glosser LLC, where I am currently offering one-hour phone and video chat readings.  Instead of spreading myself too thin, I’m moving this website/blog onto my new website,  With everything in one place, I can finally work smarter and not harder.  I hope you continue to follow me along my spiritual journey because it’s far from over.  Hope to see you there!


Communicating with Spirit

20272152_1752680074749611_1859187205_nPeople often wonder exactly how I communicate with Spirit.  It’s pretty hard to explain but, I’ll do my best.  I receive messages from Spirit with sight, sound, physical sensations, knowledge, and/or smell.

Some of my connections, like my ability to see Spirit, have been around for as long as I can remember.  The way I see them and what they show me has developed over the years.  I don’t just see people but, I’m also shown images, movie clips, snippets from someone’s life and even scenes from my own life from time to time.

When I first heard Spirit, I didn’t know what it was and where it was coming from. I’m sure my husband was sick of me waking him up in the middle of the night asking him if he heard what I heard.  Worst part for him was when I begged him to go through the whole house, checking on the kids and making sure all the doors were locked every time I heard something.  Sorry Honey!  However, like my ability to see Spirit, my ability to hear Spirit has also evolved.  Now, I don’t just hear bumps in the night.  I hear Spirit when they speak to me.

Yes, by physical sensations I do mean I felt something touch me.  Also, I can feel discomfort and/or pressure in areas that have affected Spirit when they were living.  Sometimes the feelings reflect a person I’m sharing messages with.  (Please don’t worry, I don’t ever feel in danger.)

When I say I communicate with Spirit by way of knowledge, what I mean is I just know.  By no means am I saying that I know everything.  However, there are a lot of times that I just know something about someone and there is no way I could.

Scent is not the most common way that I communicate with the other side but, it does happen.  Have you ever smelt perfume that belonged to your long lost grandmother and there is no reason why you should be smelling it? Or have you smelled your deceased grandfather’s favorite flavored pipe smoke with nothing around that could smell like it?  Someone is trying to let you know that they are around.

If you have had any of these experiences, then you probably understand.  If you haven’t, don’t worry, I’ll think of more ways to explain it and I’ll post again soon.  I’ll also share some actually events that happened involving these connections.  Stay tuned!