What is a Spiritual Sensitive?

ssI am a Spiritual Sensitive.  What is a Spiritual Sensitive, you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a person who is sensitive (able to easily pick up on signals) to spiritual activity (things having to do with spirit).

There are many names for people with spiritual gifts.  There are plenty of places to find those online so…I won’t go into that here.  However, people often like to call me a Psychic or a Medium.  Based on the definitions, they would be right.  Although, Mediums and Psychics are great, those names just never felt right for me.  It’s actually been a big struggle for me since I first realized my gifts.  So, I did what I have learned to do along my journey with Spirit, I prayed.  I asked for guidance in how to describe my gifts, many times.  I was relieved when I finally heard “Spiritual Sensitive”.  Sure, it means the same thing but, for some reason it just feels more comfortable, like a fluffy, warm robe.  Like most things when it comes to Spirit, it’s hard to explain.

What type of signals do I pick on, you ask?  Well, I’m blessed with the ability to see, hear, feel, pick up on emotions and gain knowledge from Spirit.  Oh, and sometimes smell, if that’s how they want to communicate.   I’ve recently began what most people call “automatic writing”.  It freaks me out but, it’s effective.  Like everything else along my journey, I will learn to embrace it.