You Might Be An Empath If…

An empath is a person who is able to pick up on other people’s energy and can sense their mental and/or emotional state.  Many people don’t even realize they are an empath. Every empath is different but, if you are an empath, you’ll relate to most of the characteristics listed below.


  • Empaths can feel other people’s physical ailments and/or emotional struggles without trying.  This can cause an empath to appear to have sudden “mood swings”.  However, it’s the empath picking up on another person’s energy.
  • They feel emotionally overwhelmed by violent and emotional information from media: the news, movies, books, etc.
  • They can sense when someone is lying.  However, since empaths tend to be kindhearted, they give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t trust the intuitive feeling they are getting.
  • People feel very comfortable speaking with empaths.  It’s very common for people, often strangers, to share their life stories with an empath.
  • Empaths are not good with small talk.  They prefer deep conversation.
  • They can easily read other people’s body language and tone.  This allows them to get more information from people beyond the verbal information that is being shared.
  • Empaths love to help others.  However, they have to be careful to not put the needs of others before their own.
  • They are natural healers and are drawn to professions related to healing like being a nurse, counselor, etc.
  • Because they don’t like being the center of attention, empaths usually don’t know how to receive compliments.
  • Empaths tend to be quiet but, they find it very easy to verbally share their own feelings.
  • They tend to feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed and drained when around large groups of people.  They regularly need time alone to recharge.
  • They feel very close to nature and animals.  Empaths often prefer to spend the time outside and/or around animals rather than indoors and around people.  Being outdoors and around animals can actually help empaths feel recharged.
  • Empaths are natural peacekeepers and avoid confrontation.  When they do get angry, they don’t stay angry for long.  They are quick to forgive.
  • It’s very common for empaths to be creative, imaginative, inquisitive and affectionate.



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