Physical Limitations

Let’s take a minute and construct a new world without physical limitations.  We’ll look at the concrete world we live in now and decide what we need and don’t need when you take away physical drawbacks.  First, let’s think of a few aspects of our lives that are rather materialistic.  There’s the obvious one that most people think of first, our bodies: our physical and mental health.  Then there is our environment: buildings, vehicles, plants, etc.  And don’t forget about all the stuff we work our tails off to buy: clothes, food, homes, and so on.

Now think about how much our bodies control us.  We spend most of our lives worried about the shape of our corporeal selves.  Are we skinny enough? Are we healthy enough?  Is our mental health in check?  Without bodies, our new world will not need fitness centers. We won’t need doctors or hospitals.  And this is the same as the spirit world.  Those of you whom have lost loved ones that struggled in their bodies here on earth, please know that they are free now.  They can dance and twirl, skip and jump and be free of pain.  Those of you whom lost loved ones to mental disorders or diseases, please know that they have found clarity on the other side.  And I truly pray that knowing this brings you some sort of comfort and peace.

In our new world without physical limitations, there will be no need for buildings.  Without bodies, who needs shelter?  There will be no need for cars, boats, planes or even streets.  Spirits are able to travel by thought alone because they don’t have bodies to lug around.  Plants?  Who needs plants to make oxygen when nobody has lungs?  Who needs plants to eat, when we don’t have stomachs?  This is the same in on the other side.  Now, I’m saying these things don’t exist over there.  I don’t know, I haven’t been there yet.  But, I can easily guess, they aren’t needed.


So far, our new world is lacking quite a bit of what we are used to.  But, what about everything we work so hard to buy?  Well, we already talked about how we don’t need plants to eat or anything else for that matter.  Food is fuel for our bodies, which we don’t have in the new world we are building.  We don’t need grocery stores then, right?  Oh, and homes?  That’s a form of unnecessary shelter, like mentioned earlier.  There’s no need for clothes when you have nothing to cover up?  Bye-bye retail stores!  It looks like we don’t need money either.  Just like the saying goes, “You can’t take it with you!”

By now you might be thinking: “Hmmm, this new world isn’t sounding so great.” But, think of it this way, all these physical limitations are actually distractions.  They deter us from our true purpose which is to grow spiritually.  And I truly believe that in order for our souls to grow, we must love and care for each other.  Guess what, love is not materialistic!  So, be kind, share love and be true to your purpose.  Because a listening ear, a helping hand, and quality time together is worth a lot more than a fancy car or a big house in this life and the next.


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