How I Spiritually Clean House

I like to spiritually clean my house at least once a month.  I do it more if I am holding sessions or if I have lots of guests over.  I found that my favorite way to release unwanted energies from my house is with smudging.  Smudging is a practice originating from Native Americans.  They burn sacred herbs and use the smoke to clear negative energy from a space.  T20464895_1759210707429881_106098279_ohis is how I do it:


Dried white sage leaves

Shallow, fireproof bowl


Folded paper or envelope (something to push the smoke)


Open a window on each floor of your home during this process.  This provides an exit for the negative energy.  Before beginning, ask God to help you release the negative energy from your home.  Begin at the entrance of your home and then go to the right.  Go along the ceiling, working your way around the entire house.  Don’t forget dark spaces, like attics, basements and closets.  Anything attached to your home should be included.  The entire time you are spreading the smoke around your home, continually repeat “Only loving spirits who live in God’s holy light are allowed here.  All negative energies MUST go in God’s name.”  I do not feel you need to use these exact words but, something with similar meaning.  Whatever, feels right for you.  You must believe that your words have power for this to work.  Some people like to sprinkle holy water in each room to bless them before ending the clearing.  Most people can feel a difference in their homes immediately.  It will often feel brighter and like a weight has been lifted.  I hope this works for you as well as it does for me.