Feeling Spirit

Spirit has many methods to get a message through to us.  One way I receive messages from Spirit is through sensations, including the feeling of light pressure and the sense of being touched.  I’m not gonna lie, it scared me at first and it made me kind of panicky.  But, now I understand what is happening, I’m communicating with Spirit.

My grandma is the first person I think of when I talk about physically feeling Spirit.  A few days after she passed away, I was woken in the middle of the night by someone pulling my big toe.  I sat up and looked around, thinking it was one of my little boys trying to wake me but, no one was there.  I tried to explain it away and say that maybe I got my toe caught in the sheets or it got snagged in a hole in the comforter.  But, I couldn’t come up with a logical explanation.  (Please note – this happened before I knew about my gifts.)  When I shared this story with my mom, she told me the same thing happened to her the night before.  Then she reminded me of when my grandma told us “When I die, I’m going to come back as a ghost and pull your toes when you’re sleeping.  Then you’ll never get to sleep with one foot hanging out of the covers again.”  Mean, right?  Well, that’s my grandma for you and she stuck to what she said.  SCORE – Me & Mom: 0, Grandma: 2.

In addition to Grandma playing “This Little20206372_1752714878079464_1058866135_n Piggy” with me from the otherside, I have also felt Spirit:

  • touch my hair
  • sit on my bed
  • rest a hand on my shoulder and on back
  • shake my bed
  • and so on…

However, touch isn’t the only way Spirit communicates by way of sensations.  Sometimes, Spirit will communicate how they passed away or an illness they may have suffered from by sharing physical discomfort in an area of my body that bothered them.

I recently had a meeting with someone and I felt pressure and tightness in the middle of my chest from a male, father-like energy.  This gave me the impression of a heart attack.  I asked the woman if she knew a father-like male that passed away from a heart attack and it turned out her father did.  On my way to another meeting, I felt like my lungs were tight and there was pressure on them.  When I arrived to the reading I asked if anyone knew someone who passed from fluid on their lungs.  One of the two women immediately raised her hand and said that her grandfather had fluid on his lungs when he died.

Thanks to physical sensations, you may also sense when Spirit is around but, I’ll go further into that another time.  Spirit has many ways they let us know when they are around and sensations are just one of the many.

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