Did You Hear That?

20227235_1752709784746640_1677857769_nI’m sure my family and friends were so glad when I finally embraced my gift because I stopped asking them “Did you hear that?” as much as I used to.  I’ve always heard things that others didn’t.  However, it has only been in recent years that I realized that I’m not crazy but instead, those mystery sounds I’ve been hearing my whole life are from Spirit.  The sounds range from the haunted house variety to the comforting and loving kind.

Let’s get the spooky stuff out of the way first.  Hearing my name yelled in the middle of the night by spirit has woken me from deep sleep.  Hearing creepy little kid laughter, like from the movies but, there are no kids around.  Footsteps down the hall in the middle of the night, with no one to make them.  Whistling day and night and no one in the house is whistling.  The sound of people having a conversation in the same room as me, when I’m alone.  Something similar to a radio playing, when there isn’t one on.  One of my least favorites is hearing a whisper in my ear and turning to find no one there.  The sound of large boxes dropping off a high shelf with no evidence of anything falling.  I could go on and on.

Now, the lovey stuff… When I do readings, I hear Spirit tell me names, places, words, sing songs, etc.  Whatever message Spirit is trying to share, they will use sounds to help get the message across to me so that I may share it with their loved ones.  Right now, Spirit will usually just say one or two words at a time and communicate more visually but, not always.

I do love it when Spirit gives me names.  I can’t guarantee I’ll pronounce them right but, I try.  Once a Spirit told me the name Beatrice but she pronounced it “BEE-AT-tris”.  When I told the woman I was reading the name, I made the mistake of pronouncing it “BEE-a-tris”.  Well, Spirit quickly corrected me by saying “No, no, no… BEE-AT-TRIS.”  I quickly corrected myself and told the woman.  She yelled with joy and began to laugh.  She said it was her grandmother’s name and she insisted it be said that way.  That was one of my most memorable moments so far.

Hearing from Spirit used to scare me.  However, since I began sharing my gift, I am now able to see the peace and love that these messages can bring to so many people and that makes it totally worth it.

Seeing is Believing

20217167_1752699054747713_1461176279_nI was just a little girl when I had one of my first Spirit sightings.  I was sleeping at the neighbor’s house.  She was my mom’s best friend and she lived alone since her husband passed away.  I couldn’t sleep because I felt something watching me from the shadows on the other side of the room.  I pulled the covers over my head and closed my eyes tight as I tried to wish the scary thing away.  After some time passed, I built up the courage to peek over the covers just to find the scary thing at the foot of the bed.  It looked like a man-sized, green bookworm wearing a red fedora with a red feather sticking out of it.  Weird, right!?!  I pulled the covers back over my head.  However, I started to feel claustrophobic and had a hard time breathing.  So, I lifted the covers a bit on the side of the bed to let some fresh air in.  That’s when I saw a man wearing slacks with dress shoes next to the bed.  I only saw his bottom half because I didn’t lift the covers all the way up.  That’s when I screamed.   My mom and her best friend ran in and the man was gone.

I’ve seen many different things, thanks to Spirit.  Sometimes it’s a spirit on the side of the interstate.  Sometimes it’s a short movie clip from someone else’s life.  Spirit has even shown me written words and numbers, images of people and things, symbols and so on.

In addition, to symbols, words, images and “movie” clips, I also see actual Spirit at times.  Now, I don’t usually see them as clearly as I would see you because I don’t see them with my physical eyes but, I see them with my spiritual eye.  I guess some would say I see them with my third eye.  Spirits aren’t exactly transparent but, they aren’t usually solid.  To give you an idea of what I mean, take a moment and close your eyes.  Picture in your mind a flower.  Get a good, clear picture of that flower.  Now open your eyes and picture that same flower on a blank wall.  The flower obviously isn’t there but, you can probably still see it with your mind and not your eyes.  Although Spirit communicates with me through visuals, it’s just one of the many ways that I receive messages from the other-side.