Feeling Blessed

I was recently asked if I ever feel blessed to have my gift.  If I was asked that same question a few years ago, I would have immediately said “NO!”  I felt cursed most of my life seeing and hearing things that I couldn’t explain.  When I shared my experiences with others, they thought I was crazy.  So, I began to see myself as crazy too.  However, now, I see my sensitivity to Spirit as a blessing in so many ways.  First, I believe it’s my gift from God, no matter what others say.  Second, I have met so many wonderful people thanks to my ability and gained so many great friendships too.  Third, I’ve received overwhelming LOVE since I’ve embraced my spiritual connections.  Let me explain…

I am amazed that God has chosen to give me to receive the ability to connect with spirits.  ME?  WHAT!?!  I know, right?  I’m just a girl from Hawaii who is living out her dream of marrying the love of her life and raising our awesome kids.  Now that I’ve shared my gift, some call me “The Stay-at-Homeblessed Medium” and others call me “The Psychic Housewife”.  Hahaha!  Crazy, right?  I’m still wrapping my brain around it all.  God gives us each a gift to share with others.  Yes, you too have a God-given gift.  No, my gift isn’t an amazing singing voice (don’t ask me to prove it, you’ll regret it).  My gift definitely is not genius (which is obvious each time I try to help my kids with their homework).  However, God did gift me with the ability to communicate with spiritual beings.  I definitely feel blessed, never worthy but, always blessed.   

Second, my spiritual gift has helped me make some awesome connections and meet wonderful people.  Sure, some people are drawn to me just because of my gift.  But, I’ve made some great friends thanks to my abilities.  I’ve been able to find likeminded people who share in my beliefs and some even have similar experiences.  There’s nothing better than finding your tribe.  Many of my new friendships will last a lifetime.

Third, the love I get and feel because of my gift is overwhelming at times but, in a good way.  It is love after all.  When I found God and later accepted this unbelievable gift from Him, the love I felt and continue to feel from Him, is unconditional and endless.  God has this love for all of us.  We just have to find our way to Him.  That love is something I hope everyone will find one day.  But it’s not just God’s love that I’m honored to experience but, it’s also the love I witness when I connect people with their departed loved ones.  I am grateful to share in the experience of seeing love cross over from the spiritual world to the physical.  I’ve seen, first hand, that love never dies.  How awesome is that!  Who wouldn’t feel blessed?

Life is all about perception.  My abilities haven’t changed but, how I view them has.  Keeping my gift hidden just enforced that “crazy” feeling.  Sharing my gift has brought me so much happiness.  Embrace your God-given gifts and share them, as we are meant to and you too will feel blessed.

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