Developing My Spiritual Gifts

20269997_1752634384754180_628801092_nWhen I finally accepted my spiritual gifts, I was in a rush to learn fast and eager to help people.  Unfortunately, that is not how it works but, that didn’t stop me from trying.  The truth is, I’m still developing my gift.  I’m always growing and learning and that’s what this blog is all about.

There is not much free information out there about learning how to understand your spiritual gifts.  If you do find something, it is usually a class, a system or a program that costs more than I’d like to spend.  I did pay for a couple of webinars in the beginning and I don’t regret it, because I learned some basic information that way.  However, paying to learn how to develop my God-given gift just never felt right to me.

In addition to the few webinars I “attended”, I also met with a close friend quite often to just talk about my experiences and what I sensed.  She helped me realize I needed to stop overthinking and I needed to listen to the voices in my head.  It sounds crazy but it worked.

I sensed that I should meet with people.  So, that’s what I did.  First I sat with people within my close circle of friends and family.  Then those friends and family told their friends and family about me.  Then people I didn’t know wanted to sit with me.  I was being called a “medium” and/or a “psychic”.  Although I didn’t feel comfortable with those labels, I didn’t protest them because based on the definitions it was the best way to describe me.  My meetings with people began to be called “readings”.  Again, although calling those meetings “readings” felt weird, I didn’t correct people.

I learned a lot from each meeting I had.  Not only did I learn to distinguish between my own thoughts and what Spirit was telling me but I learned to stop overanalyzing the information I was receiving.  Those messages aren’t for me.  They are for the person I am sharing them with.  So, they don’t have to mean anything to me but, they are supposed to mean something to them.

After a while I had the feeling that I needed to do more than just “readings” to help people.  So, I had planned to go to the priest at the church my family attended, not only to tell him about my gifts but for spiritual guidance.  When I met with the priest, it did not go as I expected because it ended with my family no longer attending the church.  It may have been a negative experience but, I now know that it was a necessary part of my journey.

Ironically, my talk with the priest helped me meet another medium.  Strange right?  Honestly, because of that experience, I found someone else like me.  She opened my eyes to so much and she helped me understand why some things I learned on my own didn’t feel right to me.   She told me to listen to Spirit but, that I was right to question them.  She said I should always question what comes through.  So, I do just that, I listen with caution.

If there was any advice I would give to someone wanting to understand or develop their gifts it would be this…

  1. PRAY!!!  I believe that spiritual gifts are just that, a GIFT from God.  So, pray to Him and ask Him for guidance.
  2. Follow your gut and listen to the little voice in your head but, with caution.  As crazy as that may sound, it worked for me.
  3. This is YOUR journey, no one else’s.  It won’t be like anyone else’s and it’s not supposed to be.
  4. You are never done learning.

I’ll be praying for all of you to find peace in your gifts.  Best of luck on your journey!

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