Are Spiritual Gifts Hereditary?


My grandmother holding my mother.

I absolutely believe that spiritual gifts can be hereditary.  My grandmother was the first person to tell me that I have a gift and that she and others in our family did too.

I didn’t grow up with my grandmother in my life but, we reunited in my early twenties.  During one of our first conversations she shocked me when she told me that I have “the gift”.  At first, I thought the same thing that most people thought of me when I shared my spiritual experiences, “She’s crazy!”.  However, after my grandmother told me about things that had happened to her and other relatives, I started to believe her because they were so similar to my own experiences.  I was so glad to hear that others, especially family members, knew what it was like to see things other people didn’t. I finally had someone to relate to.

Over the next few years, my grandmother gave me tips on how to spiritually protect myself and how to handle what was happening to me.  Although I was still having trouble completely believing that I had a gift, I enjoyed the relationship we were developing.  My grandmother was a fan of a couple of popular TV mediums and I began to watch their shows with her.  Those shows really opened my eyes.

Unfortunately, my time with my grandmother was cut short just a few years after we reconnected.  After her passing I dropped any thought of me having a gift and I began to focus on the young family my husband and I were growing.  But, it wasn’t long before my interest was peaked again because my children started to tell me about seeing people that others couldn’t.

I believe that children are able to sense more spiritual signs than adults.  This is how I think of it, young children are innocent and haven’t been taught that “it’s just their imagination” quite yet.  They are more open to the world and to it’s possibilities.  So, I’m not saying that my children have gifts, that’s yet to be known.  I’m not negating their experiences but I’m also not encouraging them.  Only time will tell.  In addition, I do not think that gifts have to be hereditary in order for someone to have them.  God works in mysterious ways and I believe anything is possible.  However, remember, I’m still learning as I go along my journey among spirits.

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